The owners favorite. This shirt perfectly sums up, sassmouth! To be fair we all probably buy lipstick. But not all of us have to buy lips! So while they spending dollas on them lips, we have a bomb ass collection of lipsticks. #NOFILLERS needed.


WARNING: Be prepared, cause chicks will be servin dirty looks and shade as you walk your sexy, real booty, melanin rich skin havin, savage attitude carryin self wherever you go. #FACTS.

Lipstick Tee


    • Stitched with sass, literally.
    • Made in Black America 
    • Black Woman Owned Business
    • Free Shipping on orders over $75
    • "SASSifaction" guaranteed 

    Fitted Tee

    • 50% poly, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
    • Ribbed collar
    • Tapered arm
    • Traditional ladies fit

    Loose Fit Tee

    • 60% cotton, 40% poly
    • Wide ribbed collar
    • Wide arm
    • Relaxed fit
    • Can also be worn off shoulder